Reviews Prostovit

  • Dumitru
    I faced such a problem as prostatitis and bought Prostovit. On the ninth day, it is clearly felt that the pain has passed and the inflammation begins to subside. Decreased urge to go to the toilet at night. Overall I recommend this tool to everyone, it doesn't disappoint a bit and it's not expensive either.
  • Ioan
    Wife ordered Prostovit online. All questions were answered over the phone and shipped quickly. The taste is herbal, quite pleasant. At first I didn't notice anything, but after a week the pain decreased a lot and I started going to the toilet better. I still use it for prevention.
  • Radu
    Prostatitis was treated in various ways, but nothing helped, it only got worse. When prostatitis turned into chronic, I thought that nothing would help me. Until a friend recommended Prostovit. Really great medicine. I used it for a month, today I passed the test - the disease disappeared.
  • Nicolae
    In fact, I did not think that I would face such a problem as prostatitis. But what to do, it happened. I accidentally got on the Internet and decided to order Prostovit drops. And you know, I'm completely satisfied with the result. In just 2 weeks the pain disappeared completely.
  • Alex
    First I went to the doctor with prostatitis, I took the prescribed course. At first everything was fine, but after a few months the symptoms reappeared. I decided to order the Prostovit and I was very happy with the result. I still use preventative medicine.
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